About lightfest

As part of Aston University’s forthcoming 50th anniversary celebrations, the first ever Lightfest will take place on the 25th September at the Library of Birmingham.

For one day only, researchers from the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies are hosting lots of bright and exciting demonstrations, workshops and public lectures at the Library of Birmingham. Come play and learn about the wonders of the science of light and how photonic technologies is changing the world.

In addition, Flatpack Film Festival are displaying a series of interactive artwork related to light 2015 is the International Year of Light and events showcasing the science of light have been taking place all around the world, we are therefore delighted to host Lightfest, one of the key UK events in the year of light celebrations. Lightfest is a joint collaboration between the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies, the Library of Birmingham and Flatpack Film Festival.

Lightfest is funded by the European researchers night, a Marie S Curie initiative, part of the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme. The Researcher Night Initiative is designed to bring scientists and researchers closer to the general public. Our science festival will showcase how photonics impacts our everyday life and what researchers do in the laboratories from light science to photonics technology.

We will be presenting the science of light in an inspirational fashion, via demonstrations, workshops and talks, offering a broad appeal to a cross section of society and clarify that science is accessible to all.

Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies will use the momentum generated by Lightfest to establish an ongoing partnership with local schools leaving a lasting legacy of community engagement.

Please join us for an exciting day at the Library of Birmingham and learn more about the science of light!


Download the Lightfest programme

Download the Lightfest floor plan

Please be aware that this event will be filmed and photographed for the general promotion of Aston University, including on the internet. By attending, you may be recorded on video, audio and/or photo and you hereby allow us to use your image in any promotional materials we produce. Please ask a member of University staff on the day if you have any queries.

This event contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy.